Thursday, May 7, 2009

Interview Questions

Interview Questions
1. Do you have status at your job?
2. What's a routine day like working on the railroad?
3. Has there ever been times where you broke or bent the rules at work?
4. What was the change like, working a non-union job to a union job?
5. What's it like working with the public everyday?
6. Has there ever been any accidents while working?
7. How did work change your life with your family?
8. When you found out you got the job at the railroad, what where your expectations? How did those thoughts change after working?
9. What were your different jobs on the railroad?
10. What union do you belong to?

Research Questions
1. How did union's change the work force in the U.S.?
2. How has healthcare offered by the union's benefit the worker's, on and off work?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Role in The Global Economy at Work

I don't think I play a huge role in the global economy. At work (pizzaria) we use a lot of imported goods such as cheese, pasta, mushrooms and maybe the pepporoni. I never checked where the pepperoni came from. So I guess my role in the global economy would be me using the products to prepare food. Im pretty sure the pots and pans we use in the kitchen are made in another country also. I dont know if the cheese and pasta or mushrooms can relate to the movie because they come from Italy. Im not to awear of the job conditions in those factories. I would assume they are a lot better than the ones in the movie Mardi Gras Made in China. The pots and pans though last time i checked were made in another country (I cant remember which country). My boss just bought new ones recently and I havent checked them. But I can image that the working conditions of the factories where the pots and pans were made are very simular to the working conditions showed in the film. So my boss is the consumer of these products and I use these products on a regular basis. Thats my role in the global economy at work.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

the poem

Levine's poem "What Work Is" is an interesting piece. To be honest i can' t refer personally to everything he's saying but I can imagine. This poem relates to what were reading because it's all about the the people who work the eight hour shifts to get buy and are to tired to do anything else but try. The poem tells us the truth about work. You can wait endless hours/days waiting for a job and by the time you get a response it's a "no, we're not hiring today". Only cause there was something they did not like about you. Now you have no shot at a job, but wish you can have one. This is what I think of the poem, im not great at analyzing but i tried.

work gender

Growing up In my house hold my family stuck to tradition. My father was the worker and my mother was the one who stayed home. My father was the main provider for the family. He would work eight hours a day and lots of the times work over time. The men in my family worked very hard and never wanted their wives to work. The women usually stayed home raised the kids, cooked and cleaned. What ever work needed to be done around the house, my mother did. I grew up with this idea that man is suppose to support the financial needs and the woman is suppose to be the housewife. Now that I'm older though I look at both sides of the picture. If i eventually get married I wouldn't want her to work, but if she wanted to work, I would understand and let her. I would not mind being the stay at home dad.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Job Community

Where i work the community is very diverse. Every one has there little groups and create there own status. There are quite a few gangs by my job. So I guess the "bad ass" of each gang would be considered to have highest status. Me personally I think all the members have low status in society. They find pleasure out of terrorizing the neighborhood by graffiti or robbing someone and so on. There are customers everyday that come in to get food and they talk about how they just jumped someone or stole something from the store down the street. They think by doing what there doing they are going to become someone, someone with authority. I wont deny they gain respect from people around the neighborhood. Its only cause people in the neighborhood either grow fear from these guys and don't want any harm done or they are fellow gang members. These people don't contribute anything to the community where i work. They try to build reputations so they can have gang status and in the process they undermine the values of a community.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Annoying Public

I remember this one day at work was going so well until this one lady came in to my pizzeria. I asked her what she would would like to have. She replied to me that she was a slice of pizza. So i went to cut her a slice of pizza to put in the oven. While i was cutting the pizza she rudely demanded me for a fresh slice. I told her the pizza was fresh, it came out of the oven 5 minutes before she came in. I even let her feel the bottom of the pan that the pizza was on. She mumbled something, so i just placed the pizza in the oven. I was treating her with the up right most respect. A few more customers came in and in a instance there was only one slice left so I rushed to make another fresh pie. The lady was still sitting there while the pie came out 10 minutes later. This man then came in and ordered to slices of pizza so i cut the two slices off and gave him his pizza. Another man then came in and asked for one slice. There was one slice left from the previous pie but my boss told me to give him a slice from the fresher pie. So i did what i was told. The lady looked at me with disgust and went off on me, saying i was a "male chauvinist". She was acting very critical towards the situation, to me it was just a slice of pizza. I guess she took it to a more personal level. She accused me of treating male customers with more respect then women. I honestly could care less, but continued treating her with respect. This lady though would not let it go, she kept verbally attacking me. With my job possibly at a risk if I were to say something offensive towards her I kept my mouth shut. I was defenseless to this lady because what more could I say to her, other than "mam the pizza you had was fresh". She finally decided to leave to pizzeria. Luckily for me because she was getting on my last nerve. While she was leaving though she said "im never coming here again". A week later the lady came again and the same problem happened. I wished the lady was going to stick to her word and not come back again, but no she had to come back. She had to annoy me again and test my patience.