Thursday, May 7, 2009

Interview Questions

Interview Questions
1. Do you have status at your job?
2. What's a routine day like working on the railroad?
3. Has there ever been times where you broke or bent the rules at work?
4. What was the change like, working a non-union job to a union job?
5. What's it like working with the public everyday?
6. Has there ever been any accidents while working?
7. How did work change your life with your family?
8. When you found out you got the job at the railroad, what where your expectations? How did those thoughts change after working?
9. What were your different jobs on the railroad?
10. What union do you belong to?

Research Questions
1. How did union's change the work force in the U.S.?
2. How has healthcare offered by the union's benefit the worker's, on and off work?

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  1. Good job - I think you're ready to go ahead and do it. Remember to be flexible with asking follow-up questions and letting the conversation go where it wants to.